$37.00 inc GST

  • Expand your consciousness
  • Healing & Balancing​
  • Connect to your secret chord and hear it sing.
  • 36 minutes to take you into sleep​


Surrender and Acceptance of all that is

  • Focus on soul through your Higher Heart bringing comfort, safety, love and unconditionality.
  • Surrendering into higher vibe to clear the past letting go to enter neutrality.
  • Expand your consciousness out into the universe to hold its wisdom.
  • Appreciation for your higher frequency guardians.
  • Connecting to ground with your earth crystal to own your frequency.
  • Releasing unnecessary burdens from your physical with your Guardians for your highest good.
  • Create the most perfect frequency for bringing balanced energy to clean and clear your field.  Then sit with your soul, your unique, individual frequency signature.
  • Connect to your secret chord and hear it sing.
  • Elemental healing while you sleep for re-balancing your physical elements.


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