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Dive In Galactic Reading for Cosmic Enthusiasts

The Dive In Galactic Astrology Soul Reading Package

Dive in Galactic Reading

Unravel the Universe: Dive In Galactic Reading and Discover Celestial Wonders

  • Dive In Galactic Astrology Soul Journey Reading ($677 Value)
  •  Recordings of one-on-one sessions ($9 Value)
  •  Written Brief ($5 Value)

Ready To See How Galactic Astrology Soul Journey Reading Can Gain You Clarity Of Soul?

$575.00 inc GST

What's in The Dive In?

What's In Dive In?


Galactic Astrology Reading


Written Brief


Video Recording

Transform your soul into galactic


Galactic Astrology Reading

This 40 minute one-on-one reading enables you to gain some clarity with some of your souls journey, in areas of your life related to mission, distant past, recent past, and your support, which enables you to quickly get insight into your authentic self and know where and what your resonate connections are, where you are supported.

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Recordings of one-on-one sessions

These videos holds the secret for you to review all the information provided in your sessions and how you can listen and not miss a thing and clarify any angle or point going forward.

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Written Brief

This is the shortcut to refer to your astrological connections so you’re able to further research and have a complete bundle to move forward with.

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Get To Dive In Now!

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get To Dive In…

Galactic Astrology Soul Journey Reading ($677 Value)

Video Recordings ($9 Value)

Written Brief ($5 Value)

Here’s Everything You Get As Dive In Today

  • Dive In Galactic Astrology Soul Journey Reading ($677 Value)
  •  Recordings of one-on-one sessions ($9 Value)
  •  Written Brief ($5 Value)

Total Value: $691

But today, you're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY: $1,197 AU

Keep in mind it is impossible to answer all these questions thoroughly so it is best to follow a theme that you are deeply curious about.

Galactic Astrology Soul Journey

Soul Distant Galactic Past

Soul Recent Galactic Past

Soul Galactic Mission

Soul Challenges/Galactic Karma

Soul Guidance

Soul Colour

Soul Karma

Soul Origin


So many questions, so please choose carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

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