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We go mining deep and carry it through!

  • Deep Dive Galactic Soul Reading (1.5 hour delivery)
  • Follow Up Session (1 hour)
  • Healing Session (1 hour Session)
  • Expanding Consciousness
  • Video Recordings
  • Written Brief

The Gold Galactic Astrology Soul Reading Package

his 90 minute one-on-one reading makes it simple for you to gain clarity of your souls journey through the cosmos related to this life, in areas of your life related to mission, purpose, distant past, recent past, and your support team, which enables you to quickly get aligned with your authentic self and know where and what you resonate with, where you are supported and what to leave behind.
This 60 minute one-on-one Follow Up makes it a snap to go a bit deeper into your soul journey for further clarity which helps you get a fuller picture of your resonant connections and deeply discover your inner gold mine.
This 60 minute one-on-one session for you to have a tailor made focus, assisting in clearing any obstacles unveiled through your readings so you can revisit to efficiently clear your path and close the door on unnecessary lingering doubts or distractions.
This bundle of 8 meditations holds the keys to go inside and feel the healing and support available to you so you’re able to access immediately, or anytime, even before your one-on-one sessions and make it easy to have ongoing help and greater impact.
These videos holds the secret for you to review all the information provided in your sessions and how you can listen and not miss a thing and clarify any angle or point going forward.
This is the shortcut to refer to your astrological connections so you’re able to further research and have a complete bundle to move forward with.


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