Expanding Consciousness Meditation Collection

$259.00 inc GST

Over 4 hours of healing meditations to expand your consciousness.
Bringing in and working with your Star Guardians.

Access to Eight different titles in this collection:

  • Guardians of love – This Meditation holds the secret to going in. Even if you have never meditated and may be a bit nervous. Soothe, release and relax.
  • Clean and Raise your Frequency – This Meditation is your key to sit in a field of delight to balance deeply… Connect with your earth crystal and the heart of creator. Be in the higher vibe.
  • Surrendering & Acceptance – This Meditation makes it easy for you to clear the past and let go to enter neutrality. Feel your Higher Heart of comfort safety love and unconditionality. Expand your consciousness out into the universe to hold its wisdom.
  • The Pillar of Light – This Meditation gives you the secret to tune into your memory of freedom. Your heart connection to divine Mother & Father… Surrender into the healing.
  • Relaxation and Restoration – This Meditation holds the keys for you to give you a moment to feel love, to feel lovely… Washing away all your cares, concerns, worries and tension. Connect and heal with your soul support.
  • Star Guardian – This Meditation makes it easy for your Guardians send the perfect harmonic to you. Experience being at one with home in your own harmonic, your perfect melody in starlight. Heal while you sleep, regenerate, rejuvenate, be in peace.
  • BONUS – I am Love – This Meditation gives you the Perfect setup to take the physical and mental stress out of your day… De-stress, relax, align with your inner genius easily and effortlessly. Be at one and present!
  • Take 9 minute anywhere anytime to relaxThe solution to find some relief


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